Bedding Plants

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Tomato Plants

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VarietyDescriptionFruit TypeFruit ColorPot size/PriceSuitable location
Mixed 6-pack: Amish Paste/Black Cherry/Sweetie Cherry2 of each: See individual varieties1 paste + 2 cherriesRed + purple + red6-pack/$5
Mixed 6-pack: Gold Medal/Brandywine/Glacier2 of each: See individual varieties2 large slicers + 1 cocktail sizeGold + red + red6-pack/$5
Mixed 6-pack: Early Girl/Cherokee Purple/Sweetie Cherry2 of each: See individual varieties2 slicers (med + large) + 1 cherryRed + Purple + Red6-pack/$5
Mixed 6-pack: Rutgers/Gold Rush/Sweet Pea2 of each: See individual varieties1 med slicer + 2 currantsRed + yellow + red6-pack/$5
Mixed 6-pack: Indigo Cherry Drops/Isis Candy Cherry/Yellow Gooseberry2 of each: See individual varietiesCherryPurple + Red + Yellow6-pack/$5
Mixed 6-pack: Prairie Fire/Gardeners Delight/Gold Rush2 of each: See individual varietiesCherry + currantRed + yellow6-pack/$5
Amish PasteBest-selling heirloom paste; excellent for sauce or fresh. Juicy and meaty.Paste 8-12 ozRed4"/$5; also in mixed 6-packGarden
Andean CornueUnique heirloom, reportedly from the Andes. Very meaty and flavorful, few seeds.Large, pointed 8-12 ozRed4"/$5Garden
Black CherrySweet and robust heirloom. High yield.Cherry 1 inchPurple-brownSee mixed 6-pack
Brandywine, Sudduth'sLarge heirloom beefsteak; intense tomato flavor.Beefsteak, up to 2 poundsRed (pink)4"/$5; also in mixed 6-packGarden
Brandywine, PinkLuscious heirloom flavor. An old-time favorite.Beeksteak, often over 1 poundRed (pink)4"/$5Garden
Brandywine, True BlackDeep maroon heirloom with sweet, earthy flavor.Beefsteak, 1 pound+Black/purple4"/$5Garden
Brandywine, YellowOrange version of Brandywine heirloom.BeefsteakYellow4"/$5Garden
Cherokee PurpleDeep purple heirloom with green shoulders; old-fashioned flavorLarge 8-12 ozBlack/Purple4"/$5; also in mixed 6-packGarden
Early Girl F1Early, abundant, drought tolerant. Resists wilt and blossom end rot.Medium 4-6 ozRed4"/$5; also in mixed 6-pack
Edox F1Early bearing. Tight clusters ripen evenly.Cherry up to 1 ozRed4"/$5
Esterina F1Very sweet, vigorousCherry up to 1 ozYellow4"/$5
Gardener's DelightVery sweet heirloomCherry up to 1 inchRedSee mixed 6-pack
GlacierRed cocktail size. Tolerates cooler temp; compact, determinate growth. Heirloom.Cocktail 1-2 ozRed4"/$5; also in mixed 6-packPatio
Gold MedalSweet, bi-colored heirloom – orange splashed with red. Taste test winner. Large 1 poundYellow/red4"/$5; also in mixed 6-packGarden
Gold RushBright yellow ¼ inch fruit on truss of 10-12. Excellent tomato flavorCurrant ¼ inchYellow4"/$5; also in mixed 6-packGarden, patio
Indigo AppleRich in anthocyanin. Resists cracking.Medium 4-6 ozRed/Black/Purple 4"/$5
Indigo Cherry DropsRich in anthocyanin. vigorous plant.Cherry 1-2 ozRed/Black/Purple See mixed 6-pack
Isis Candy CherrySweet, fruity. Cherry 1-1.5 inchRed w/yellow starburstSee mixed 6-pack
Jet StarHigh yielding, vigorous plant.Large slicerRed4"/$5
John BaerFlavorful round, red heirloom; excellent for canning or fresh. Very productive.Medium 4-8 ozRed4"/$5Garden
MaiTaiSweet, tangy, thin-skinned. Tangy-sweet. Vigorous, productive, disease resistant.Medium 6-10 ozYellow w/red blush4"/$5
Mandarin CrossJapanese heirloom. Sweet, firm fruit keeps well.Slicer 10 ozGolden orange4"/$5
MargoldSoft flesh, sweet flavor, meaty. Large slicer 7-10 oz Red-streaked Yellow4"/$5
Nebraska WeddingOrange heirloom. Medium sized plant; determinate growth.Medium 6-8 ozOrange4"/$5Garden, patio
Paul RobesonDusky red to purple Russian heirloom with distinctive smoky flavor. Sets fruit at lower temperatures.Large 8-12 ozBlack/purple4"/$5Garden
Prairie FireVery sweet, unique pointed shape.Pointed 1"x3"Red w/subtle gold stripingSee mixed 6-pack
Redfield BeautyHeirloom with flattened 3” fruits; excellent full flavor. Good slicing tomato. Vigorous, very productive plants. Medium 4-6 ozRed (pink)4"/$5Garden
RutgersClassic juicy slicing tomato; high yield.Medium 6-8 ozRed4"/$5; also in mixed 6-pack
San MarzanoClassic red heirloom for tomato sauce. Thick, dry flesh. Peels easily, holds well in storage. Very productive.Paste 4-6 ozRed4"/$5Garden, patio
Sun Gold Exceptionally sweet. Vigorous plants bear early and through the season.Cherry up to 1 ozOrange4"/$5
Sweet PeaTiny fruit and leaves, low spreading habit. Good for containers or baskets. Currant 1/4 inchRedSee mixed 6-pack
Sweetie CherrySweet, firm, in long clusters. Vigorous and reliable.Cherry 1-1.5"RedSee mixed 6-pack
TumblerDeterminate. Great for hanging baskets.CherryRed4"/$5
ValenciaSmooth orange, meaty heirloom. Great flavor and texture. Large 8-10 ozOrange4"/$5Garden
Wapsipinicon PeachHeirloom with round, lightly-fuzzy yellow fruit. Sweet, mild, juicy flavor. Heavy producer, resistant to rot.Small 2”Yellow4"/$5Garden
Wisconsin ChiefGreat for canning. Benefits from staking.Beefsteak slicer 7-10 ozRed4"/$5
Yellow GooseberryClusters of yellow heirloom tomatoes, mildly sweet. Very productive.Cherry 1+ inchYellow4"/$5Garden, patio

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Pepper Plants

VarietyDescriptionFruit TypePot/PriceRipe Fruit Color
CarmenItalian sweet, very productiveSweet tapered 7" long4" / $5Red
Chervena ChushkaTraditional heirloom for roasting or fresh; good yieldSweet tapered 6" long4" / $5Red
King of the NorthBlocky, thick-walled. Ripens early.Sweet bell, large4" / $5
Lunchbox Snack, RedSweet, perfect size for healthy snacking.Sweet, mini-size, 2"x1"4" / $5Red

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Herbs and Other Annuals

List has multiple pages. You can sort by columns.
Asparagus, 'Mary Washington'3.00 or 4/$103"
Basil, 'Aroma 2'4.003"
Basil, 'Elidia'4.003"
Basil, 'Genovese'4.003"
Basil, 'Newton'4.003"
Basil, 'Prospera Compact' DMR4.003"
Basil, 'Prospera' DMR4.003"
Basil, 'Prospera Large Leaf' DMR4.003"
Basil, 'Rutgers Devotion'4.003"
Dill, 'Bouquet'4.003"
Kale, 'Darkibor'2.503"
Kale, 'Dazzling Blue' Lacinato2.503"
Kale, 'Winterbor'2.503"
Parsley, Curly leaf4.003"
Parsley, Italian Flat leaf4.003"
Sage, culinary, 'Extrakta'4.003"
Sorrel, Perennial4.003"

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