Organic Jams

See the table below for our current selection of homemade organic jams. The Aronia Berry & Rhubarb Jam is our own recipe, and one of our best sellers.

We also offer Jam Baskets: 2 or 3 jars of your choice, nestled into a sturdy basket lined with an attractive, reusable napkin.

Aronia Jam7.00
Aronia & Rhubarb Jam7.00
Hot Pepper & Aronia Berry Jelly (Not Available)7.00
Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam (Not Available)7.00
Tart Cherry Jelly (Not Available)7.00
Ginger Pear Jam (Not Available)7.00
2-Jar Jam Basket19.00
3-Jar Jam Basket27.00