Organic Fruit Trees

Our fruit tree varieties and root stocks have been carefully selected to be disease resistant and suitable for Midwest climates.

We currently have the following certified organic apple trees available in dwarf and semi-dwarf sizes:

Apple Trees

VarietyDescriptionHarvest Dates Tree sizes available
RubyMacA true McIntosh that colors early and hangs well on the tree. Tree has a vigorous growth habit with a pleasant, spreading canopy. Sweet, juicy, aromatic fruit develops a solid-red blush with minimal striping. Crisp flesh is a cream color with a tinge of green. Keeps up to 6 months in proper storage. Mid to late September13-15'
EnterpriseFruit round, medium large, glossy full red color. Flesh is yellow-cream, firm, crisp. Storage ability 4-6 months with a slight increase in flavor intensity. Skin somewhat tough. Tree is spreading and vigorous. Immune to scab, resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust, moderately resistant to mildew. Parentage includes Rome, Red & Golden Delicious & McIntosh. Late October8-10'