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We currently offer green onions and green garlic, in addition to the plants listed below.

Note: We do not offer mail order. Orders placed in advance may be picked up during specific time slots, at the farm in Papillion or at the Papillion Farmers Market.

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Tomato Plants

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VarietyDescription Fruit TypeFruit ColorPricePotSuitable location
Andian CornueUnique heirloom, reportedly from the Andes. Very meaty and flavorful, few seeds.Large, pointed 8-12 ozRed5.004"Garden
BurbankExcellent red heirloom for slicing or canning. Reliable producer.Medium 4-6 ozRed5.004"Garden
CopiaHuge, red & yellow striped fruit. Juicy and flavorful.Large 12-16 ozRed & yellow5.004"Garden
DamselPinkish red. Resistant to blight and wilt.Large 8-12 ozPink5.004"Garden
EsterinaSweet yellow cherry tomato; resists cracking. Strong disease resistance.Cherry 1 ozYellow5.004"Garden
Livingston's Red GrapeClusters of miniature Roma tomatoes, perfect for snacking or salads.Grape 1 ozRed5.004"Garden
Nebraska WeddingOrange heirloom. Medium sized plant; determinate growth.Medium 6-8 ozOrange5.004"Garden, patio
Paul RobesonDusky red to purple heirloom with distinctive smoky flavorMedium 6-12 ozPurple5.004"Garden
PineappleHuge, fleshy red & yellow marbled fruit. Heirloom.Beeksteak 16+ ozRed & yellow5.004"Garden
Pink TigerElongated cherry, deep pink with yellow striping. Excellent flavor. Crack resistant.Cherry 1 ozPink5.004"Garden
Red RacerCluster of red cocktail-sized fruit; compact, determinate growthCocktail 2-3 ozRed5.004"Patio
RutgersClassic red juicy slicing tomato; high yield.Medium 6-8 ozRed5.004"Garden
Sweet 'n' NeatCluster of red cherry tomatoes; compact, determinate growthCherry 1 ozRed5.004"Patio
TaxiMild, yellow, non-acid; compact, determinate growth. Ripens early.Medium 4-6 ozYellow5.004"Patio
Wild Boar PinkDeep red flesh with green striped skin. Vigorous vines.
Cocktail 2-4 ozRed w/green stripe5.004"Garden
Brandywine SOLD OUTVery flavorful heirloom; red or yellow fruitBeefsteak 16+ ozRed or yellow5.004"Garden
Cherokee Purple SOLD OUTDeep purple heirloom; old-fashioned flavorLarge 8-12 ozPurple5.004"Garden
Glacier SOLD OUTRed cocktail size. Tolerates cooler temp; compact, determinate growth. Heirloom.Cocktail 1-2 ozRed5.004"Patio
Gold Nugget SOLD OUTCluster of golden cherry tomatoes; prolific from early season till frost; rich, sweet flavor when mature; compact, determinate growthCherry 1 ozGold5.004"Garden, patio
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye SOLD OUTDark pink with green stripes; flesh red & yellow. Outstanding flavor. Compact plants, good disease resistance.Large 8-12 ozPink5.004"Garden
San Marzano SOLD OUTClassic red heirloom for tomato sauce. Peels easily.Paste 4-6 ozRed5.004"Garden
Sunrise Bumble Bee SOLD OUTGold cherry, marbled with pink stripes. Resists cracking.Cherry 1 ozGold & pink5.004"Garden

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Pepper Plants

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VarietyFruit TypeDescription PricePotRipe Fruit ColorSuitable location
AllianceSweet bell, largeBlocky, thick-walled. Strong, disease resistant plants.5.004"RedGarden
Chervena ChushkaSweet tapered 6" longTraditional heirloom for roasting or fresh; good yield5.004"RedGarden
JalafuegoHot 3-4" longVigorous growth, disease resistant5.004"Green to redGarden
JalapenoHot 2" longTraditional blunt-nosed heirloom.5.004"Green to redGarden, patio
King of the NorthSweet bell, largeBlocky, thick-walled. Ripens early.5.004"RedGarden
Lively ItalianSweet tapered, 6-8" long, orangeThick-walled, juicy orange fruit.5.004"OrangeGarden
Marconi RedSweet tapered, 10-12 " longHeirloom Italian type; crunchy thin-walled for fresh or frying5.004"RedGarden
Thai VolcanoVery Hot 2-3" longBeautiful compact plant, upright fruit. 5.004"RedPatio
Ace SOLD OUTSweet bell, medium sizeVery productive, extra early harvest.5.004"RedGarden
Sprinter SOLD OUTSweet bell. LargeEarly and long harvest. Compact plants.5.004"RedGarden

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Herb Plants

Plant PricePotSuitable Location
Borage5.506"Garden or patio
Chives4.003"Garden or patio
Cilantro5.506"Garden or patio
Dill, Bouquet4.003"Garden or patio
Mint, Mojito4.003"Garden or patio
Oregano, Greek4.003"Garden or patio
Parsley, Tripled Curled4.003"Garden or patio
Parsley, Flat leaf 'Peione'4.003"Garden or patio
Sage, Culinary4.003"Garden or patio
Sage, White4.003"Garden or patio
3"Garden or patio

Other Plants

Plant PricePotSuitable Location
Aronia Berry, Galicjanka12.00#1Yard or field
Hanging Baskets made to order. Sturdy 16" wire basket lined with coco coir$3316"Patio or balcony
Asian Eggplant, Little Fingers5.004"Garden
Lavender, Czech4.003"Garden or patio
Rhubarb, Glaskins Perpetual5.503"Garden
Celery, Tall Utah4.003"Garden or patio
Holy Basil, TulsiBasil, Holy Tulsi4.003"Indoor, patio, garden
Succulents, various4.504"Indoors, patio (frost tender)
Native perennialsASKASKYard or field

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